OMEGApps practices agile development

We follow standard documentation practices and do the following for every project:
• Requirement Gathering Questionnaire for confirming & finalizing project requirements
• Project Initialization document for planning how the project will be executed
• Work breakdown structure (WBS) for breaking each project milestones
• Status reporting form to inform client about completing major steps of the project
We take approval and feedback from clients after finishing all processes. This helps us to avoid rework and delay in delivery. In addition, we ask our clients to complete a project closing form for opinions and remarks about the project implementation.
We assign every work to a dedicated Project Manager as well as a Coordinator, who have responsibilities for client communication and to resolve project issues.
We will define responsibilities and finalize roles based on those responsibilities. Before assigning roles, we consider technical, functional and experience; all tasks are assigned to those for who are most suitable.

We can help you with strategy and architecture for a minimum viable product